Posted by: Angie | November 10, 2008

Catching up about me

Motherhood is wonderful.  My 2 and 1/2 year old can count to 20 (OK she forgets 15, but still that’s good).  She knows her ABCs and countless other songs.  She is such a compassionate young child.  She is always asking me if I’m alright and rubbing my back and kissing my boo boo knee.  She is so sweet.


Fur babies can complete your life, but they can also complicate it.  Everybody wants attention and they are jealous of the others that get it when they don’t.  I can’t give up any of my animals because I’m afraid someone would hurt them so I often give up something I’d like to have so they can have a good home. 


Money is very tight.  I own my own home and I try to give my daughter everything she needs without worrying about the expense, but in this economy I have to worry.  I make a decent living but I live beyond my earnings.  I will one day figure out how to live on a smaller budget; I hope that day is real soon.


Work is hard, but I enjoy it for the most part. Things are rough right now with the economy so I think it is affecting everyone’s work performance.  So I am hoping things get better.


I have many thoughts on life such as jealousy runs many people, mental problems are real and they need to be addressed, real love doesn’t exist for many anymore because our world is too large now, and children really do make your problems disappear for a little while.  I will delve into these thoughts later.


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