Posted by: Angie | November 11, 2008

Favorite Movies can really say a lot about someone

When I was creating my myspace page last night (yeah I know it took me a while), I was entering my favorite movies and I noticed a pattern.  My favorite movies are about single women who find love so maybe I still have hope that my “prince charming” will come.  My favorites are Sleeping Beauty, Pretty Woman, Bridget Jones’s Diary (the first one), and Erin Brockovich.  So let’s examine these movies and why I like them so much.

  1. Sleeping Beauty:  Girl has nasty spell cast upon her by evil witch so the good witches put a twist on the nasty spell.  Girl falls asleep until her true love’s first kiss.  Maybe I am still asleep waiting for the man of my dreams to wake me. 
  2. Pretty Woman:  Hooker, with higher hopes, picks up rich man and he gives her a week of a lifetime.  The week gives her strength to go after her higher hopes.  Rich man comes back to help her get to her goals.  Maybe I am hoping some rich man picks me up and gives me a chance at the better life.
  3. Bridget Jones:  Single woman struggles with weight, self esteem, and family/friend problems.  She falls for bad boy, who hurts her terribly while good guy watches from a distance.  She ends up giving up on bad boy, falls madly for good guy.  I keep falling for the bad poor boys, which help me increase my debt and leave me with it.  So who is the good guy that is watching from a distance and when will he come forward?
  4. Erin Brockovich:  A single mom faces many obstacles such as money, love, and opinions of others.  She becomes successful at her job while still managing to take care of her children.  Loves escapes her but she accepts it as her lot in life.  I liked this movie well before I become a mother so did I set up my life to head in this direction subconsciously?    I am pretty successful at work and I’m a fairly good mother, but I’m horrible with men.    

So all of this says that I’m going to overcome the struggles that I’m facing today and the good guy that is sitting in the distance will arrive to rescue me with true love’s first kiss.  Wishful Thinking!!!!!!

So what are your favorites and what do they say about you?


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