Posted by: Angie | November 14, 2008

Jealousy runs many people

I know a lot of people will argue this point but it is very true:  Jealousy runs our world today especially in the United States.  So many people have to have the best of everything:  house, car, kids, jobs, holiday displays, and so on.  I just don’t understand it.   Why do we judge ourselves by what someone else has or does for a living?  When you hear people talk, they joke that they don’t want to keep up with the Jones’s, but when you look around them, they are trying to out do the Jones’s.  I am happy with what I have, sure, I’d like to have more, but it’s not realistic, especially since there is only one income. A good friend of mine hinted the other day again that she was jealous of me because I went to school, own my home, and have a great job.  I wish she would just understand that we chose different paths in life.  She had a child right out of high school and chose to not to go to her college classes while her mom watched her daughter.  Besides, I wish I had her life:  sleeping in and working only a few hours every week, but then again.  See Jealousy!!!!!


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