Posted by: Angie | November 14, 2008

Why do we believe that someone should have the same life as us?

My parents had the stereotypical life.  My mom stayed at home and babysat our cousins, while my dad worked.  My dad didn’t have an education, but they did just fine because in the 80s a man could make a decent living doing manual labor.   My mom was involved with our school and social programs as well as my dad when he could.  They have the perfect marriage (or at least as perfect as it can get).  My dad is trying to press that life upon me, but it will never work for me.  He wants me to be with a man that makes a lot of money and will be like him.  For starters, I am very educated and own my home.  I have a career and I enjoy it.  Sure, I’d like to have more time with my daughter, but I need my job.  I don’t want a highly educated man because he will make me feel stupid, like so many other educated men have made me feel before.  I had to work hard to get my education and get to where I’m at because I’m not that smart.  I just am good at what I do.  I want a man that will be there to love me, to help out when needed, and to help me enjoy life more. 

P.S. I hope he comes back to me soon.



  1. I think what you want is great and makes a lot of sense… I’m sure your parents just want the best for you that is why they pressure you to marry someone up to the standars. But I’m sure the right one would come to you.

  2. Sugardaddy I do understand where they and you are coming from. Sadly a lot of men don’t want to date a woman who has a young child, a house of her own, and four pets too. My parents need to understand that just because their life is a certain way, it doesn’t mean that everyone else should be like them.

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