Posted by: Angie | November 16, 2008

Cleaning House with Little A around

UGHHHHH!!!  That’s all I can say.  Every time I pick something up and put it back where it belongs, another toy or object would end up in its place.  I let her destroy the playroom in the hopes that the mess would stay in there while I cleaned the rest of the house.  Of course, that would be too easy.  Instead, she was up my ass all day asking “What are you doing momma?  Cleaning?  I help you.”  I desperately wanted to scream NOOOOO!  But I always responded with, “Yes baby I am cleaning, Please go play (or watch TV) so I can finish this up.  OK?”  Then she preceded to stand there and stare with a blank look on her face (she got that from her father).  

I finally gave in at about 4:00 when I let her use the swiffer in the kitchen while I finished up the bathroom.  Bad idea, she kept carrying the the swiffer full of dog/cat hair and food particles to the bathroom to tell me that she was cleaning.  “Yeah, thanks Little A.  You are doing a wonderful job of spreading the crap around the house.  More work for Mommy.” 

I know this is all part of motherhood, but it is so frustrating.  Having to do all of this myself again is becoming too much for me.  I miss the J man’s help so much.  He would have been cleaning the rest of the house (including vacuuming) while I cleaned the kitchen and did the laundry.  With his help, I wouldn’t have spent the whole day cleaning the house.  I would have been done in about two hours. 

Oh well, the house is 3/4 clean this evening, but by 10:00 tomorrow morning, it will be about 1/2 clean or worse.  Life goes on!


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