Posted by: Angie | November 25, 2008

Dating this single mama!

I would have to say that any man who would take me on better expect to work.  My life is complicated.  Trying to juggle finances, home, and a young child are exhausting for myself so I’m sure it is exhausting for a man to even think about dating someone like me, but I’m sure there is at least one man would take me on.  So here is a little list for him to review. 

I have a home that needs a lot of work:  landscaping, basement, kitchen and bath all need to be re-done from top to bottom, new driveway, roof, furnance and air-conditioning unit and electrical needs to done properly.  Everything works right now but it will all be starting to go in a few years. 

My job is very stressful.  In fact, I saw an article that listed my job as an accountant as one of the most stressful in the world(  Maybe that’s why I talk to myself all day at work…because I’m stressed.

I have four pets that require my attention when Little A isn’t.  There’s Charley, a six year old collie, who loves to talk and sit in your lap.  He has a bum knee because he ran away from his previous home and got hit by a car on the freeway.  Oh and he requires constant brushing.  Then there’s Tia, a six year old border collie, husky mix, who is a complete idiot.  She is not graceful at all.  And when she comes inside from being out in the cold she runs around the house like a fool.  Poor Little A has learned (after falling prey to her several times) to the pull the gate closed to keep Tia in the kitchen until she settles down.  Indigo is my five year Himalyan cat who only wants attention when I’m in the bathtub, on the toilet or trying to fall asleep.  Skye , the three legged cat, also only wants attention when I’m on the toilet.  In fact she sits in the room across from the bathroom and waits for me to head in there so she is only one in the room for my morning visit. 

And finally, the most important thing, Little A.  At 2 and 1/2 she requires so much attention that I almost never get to talk on the phone or have a conversation with anyone until she goes to sleep.  I’m not saying she doesn’t know how to behave because I am constantly getting compliments for how well she behaves when we go out for dinner.  She just likes to have mommy’s full attention especially since we don’t have a lot of time together. 

So now that I have my list, I need to start looking for a man that is strong enough to handle all of this plus me:  a woman who is always tired and lonely who misses going out on a Friday or Saturday night.  (I don’t even care if I’m home by 10 or 11, I just want out.)


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