Posted by: Angie | December 1, 2008

I am blessed with an almost PERFECT child!

Little AAs a mother, I am entitled to talk about my child as if she is perfect.  So here is my ranting:  I love little A more than life itself (I truly mean that because she saved my life in so many ways).  She is beautiful in every way.  She is a very compassionate little girl who truly cares about people.  She will rub your back if you look sad, and give you a tissue when you sneeze.  Little A gets up 99% of the time with a big smile and a “Hi mumma”.  We don’t argue as much as most mom’s with toddlers do.  When I’m having a bad day because of my health or otherwise, I tell her that mommy needs her to follow directions and she usually does. 

She tries new foods without even a second thought.  If she doesn’t like it, she will say “don’t like it” and will wait for you to get a napkin so she can spit it out.   Little A asked her great-grandfather for a “towel” (napkin) at Thanksgiving Day dinner and he was shocked that one she knew what she wanted and two he understood her.  She sits down long enough to chat and eat at a restaurant and she receives compliments from the wait staff about how well she behaves.  She talks so clearly that it shocks people.  Most guess that she is over three years old.  If you don’t understand what Little A said, you can ask her over and over again or ask her to point, and she doesn’t get mad.

Little A will clean up after herself, but you have to ask her to do that.  She gets a little rough with the animals, but she is learning to treat them better.  I got a really good progress report from her preschool teachers, who just love her.  The teacher couldn’t stop talking about how well she follows directions.  Well enough boasting for now, mom! 


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