Posted by: Angie | December 6, 2008

Setting up my network again

Wow, I have to say that nobody should ever loose touch with their network of friends and co-workers.  Since I became Little A’s mom, I let my network break down because I was so busy learning to become a mother, buying a house, and learning to accept that fact that her dad wasn’t going to be joining us on our journey. 

I’m now in the process of trying to rebuild my network and it is exhausting.  I’ve added picked up a myspace, facebook, and Linkedin pages in the past few weeks.  It is hard to manage all of these sites, but I know I must in order to open the door to other possibilities. 

My advice to everyone is to never loose touch with all of your contacts because it takes a lot more to reconnect with them.

Do you know of any other sites that I can use to reconnect with people?



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