Posted by: Angie | December 10, 2008

The struggle to survive.

Monday, when I was checking out at the grocery, I saw an old acquaintance.  She’s a great gal who is married with 4 children.  She works about 30 hours week at her day job. 

When I saw her behind the register, I felt bad for her.  She looked tired and aged a bit.  When she noticed me, it was hard for her to smile.  She looked a little embarassed.  While she was ringing me up we talked a bit, she explained in not so much detail why she was there.  When I told her it was ok I understand, I think she felt better. 

It also upset me to hear last week about the woman who was rationing the formula powder so she could make it last longer.  Her poor child almost died because she couldn’t provide for him.  She looked so stressed and hopeless.  That’s what our country has become; people who has lost hope, people who are starving, and people who feel trapped.

See, we all have been making cuts where we can, but sometimes you just can’t cut enough out and have to pick up another job.  For me a second job would help out tremendously, but my family is too “busy” to help me watch my daughter while I worked, therefore, I’d have to hire a sitter.  At that rate, I’d be paying more in taxes than I would be bringing home so a second job would never work for me. 

I just feel so bad for those people that were making it before and now have to get second or sometimes third jobs to make ends meet.  I wish I could do more.  For now, I’ll just keep telling them I understand.


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