Posted by: Angie | December 11, 2008

Becoming 100% self-sufficient because I can’t count on anyone to help me

This week I have called upon my family twice to help me, once because I needed a little break from my daughter because it has been three weeks since her dad took her.  Then this morning, in 14 degree weather I locked my keys in the house.  I was calling my brothers and my mom for almost 5 minutes before I finally got through to my mom.  I started yelling that I needed help immediately.  Well, 10 minutes later she arrived and yelled me because I yelled at her.  Hello, I was freezing as well as your granddaughter and nobody would pick up their phones.  I understand I went off on her, but come on.  7 phone calls before someone finally picks up the phone is ridiculous.  I still haven’t gotten a return call from either of my brothers. 

So what am I supposed to do?  My only solution is to never, and I mean never, call anyone for help of any kind because there is no one to help.  Little A and I could have frozen to death and my family wouldn’t have known for several hours, if not days later, because if I don’t call them, I don’t hear from them. 

You know how you hear those news stories of someone dying in their home days or weeks earlier and nobody in their family knows until a co-worker calls the police because they didn’t show up for work.  That is me!!!!



  1. I hear you. I hear you.

    I have two aunts, five cousins and two uncles that live within a one mile radius. I called for help once, when I was deathly ill with a flu – saying, “Please, I need help.” My aunt said, “Oh, you know what I can’t take him because I don’t want to catch the flu.”

    Yes. It is SO incredibly hard.

    Sending you strength.

    I do have two single mom friends who I call for help now and one single dad. Have you reached out to make single parent friends through Craigslist or

  2. Yeah, it is amazing how your family says call us if you need a hand, but when you do, they are NO WHERE to be found. Yeah, I’m trying to find more parents that are in the same situation as myself. I’m actually on IHeart, but I didn’t know about the others. Thanks for info.

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