Posted by: Angie | December 11, 2008

I got flowers from my ex today

flowersFor starters, my ex is still not over me a year after we broke up.  We played that game where you dump them then a few weeks later, get back together for the sake of the child.  Yeah, I know dumb thing.  I finallly completely dumped him October of last year and started dating someone else. Yeah again, a very cold thing to do, but I wouldn’t have stuck to my guns had there not been someone else to keep me from just going back to what was comfortable. 

Yesterday, he went with us to see Santa and then off to Chuck E Cheese for them to play together since he hasn’t see her since before Thanksgiving.  I think he is trying to get back into our lives because the new man is no longer living with us.  I think that is why I got a baquet of flowers today at work.  I almost died when they arrived. 

I’ve been told to just appreciate them because maybe he has really changed, realized what he lost, etc.  This is the picture of the flowers I got with white roses instead of red ones.  So why do you think he got them for me?  Friendship? Respect? or Love?

I’m so scared that I will fall back into that routine again.  See I talk a great game, but I’m really weak and lacking in self-esteem.  So I must stay strong and keep him at an arms length.


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