Posted by: Angie | December 17, 2008

Little A stories from this week

Monday morning….7 AM yelling from the back seat….

A:  Mumma….Mumma….MUMMAAAAA….

Me:  yes

A:  Mumma your cool! 

Me:  Thanks baby, don’t forget you said that when you are 14 and yelling I hate you at me, ok? 

A:  ok Mumma


Wednesday 6:15 PM  I was busy pulling the pizza out of the oven to eat for dinner…I suddenly I hear my mothers voice, but she’s not at my house.  She’s on the phone.  Little A somehow grabed the phone hit redial, hit call, and the speaker phone button and was talking to Granma and Papa.  I think she just got lucky with that one because no 2 1/2 year can use the phone, or CAN THEY?!?

I sure do love my baby girl.  She ceases to amaze me.  🙂



  1. lol my 1 1/2 year old knows where the buttons are to call Grandma and Grandpa and he knows how to use the speakerphone…
    scary thought, eh?

    Although he does make a lot of accidental long distance calls.
    That boy sure does have some speed dial skills though..

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