Posted by: Angie | December 23, 2008

The dead visiting you in your dreams

Have you had this happen to you?


Last night, I saw him in my sleep.  He didn’t say anything to me.  He was just there.  He looked healthy.  He was at his own funeral.  He looked directly at me and walked away.  I was talking to my dad (who I don’t remember seeing).  I asked my dad what was wrong with him.  My dad said he is sad because he didn’t think things would end up this way. 


Grandpa WWII

Grandpa WWII

My grandfather died at the age of 87 this past October two days after my knee surgery.  Cancer made him a skeleton.  I was there when he took his last breathe.  I smelled the death in the air.


He was wonderful man.  He was an awesome grandfather that kept everything we gave him.  He never missed an event in my life.  He supported me more than anyone else to get an education.  He told me that I could be a very successful woman. 


I don’t know why he came to see me.  Maybe he knows that I still need him.  And that I love him, miss him, and think of him all the time.


God Bless You Papa Phil. 


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