Posted by: Angie | January 22, 2009

My new Nanny – Mary Poppins

I have found my new Nanny.  I know allowing my child to watch TV every day will rot her brain, but let’s face it, single mom’s don’t have another parent there to keep the kids busy while you get dinner made and then cleaned up afterwards or any other project that we must do.  So I’ve been trying to find a wholesome program or video that Little A could watch and really enjoy.  Well I found it!!!!  Mary Poppins. 

mary-poppins1Last Sunday, when we had about 8 inches of snow fall on Saturday, I had to get to it asap.  I popped in Mary Poppins and I was able to spend about an hour and half outside with occasional check ups of course.  It was wonderful.  Little A wants me to put that movie in everyday because she enjoys all of the singing, dancing, and “magical” things that happen in this movie.  She is even starting to sing the songs herself. 

So THANK YOU, MARY POPPINS.  You might be the cheapest babysitter for any single mother, but you make our children happy. 

What movies do watch everyday in your home?



  1. Ours is Bob the Builder 🙂

  2. Thomas the Tank Engine is a definite favourite and when he gets the chance to watch 4 square he’s in absolute heaven!

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