Posted by: Angie | January 25, 2009

Living under a Microscope

microscopeHave you ever felt like someone was watching your every move?  Judging every decision that you make in your life? 

My neighbor, who is a drunk A$$HOLE, and the “father of the year” became friends after only meeting each other a few times.  FOTY is an excellent friend, but horrible at relationships and parenting so it didn’t surprise me that they became friends. 

Last year, when I met the J-man, the neighbor called FOTY and told him about everything before I even could talk to him.  For the past year, I’ve felt like the neighbor is always watching me.  Well, I finally caught the piece of sh!t in the act on Friday night. 

My best friend since grade school and I took our girls out to dinner.  She parked her car in front of MY house and we left.  In the 3 to 5 minutes that it took for them to come in and us to go out to my car in the back yard and leave, he got nosey and started looking in her car.  WTF!!!  He started waving at us once he realized that he was caught. spying-neighbor2

I mean seriously.  Why does my ex care who’s at my house?  Or is it my neighbor that is looking to start trouble?  I don’t know, but I wish I could just pack up and move. 

What would you do in this situation?  My family tells me to just ignore it, but it is so hard to live like this.



  1. Oh my gosh!!
    That’s terrible!
    I understand why your friends and family would want you to ignore it but given the same circumstances, I don’t think I could.
    The next thing you know he’ll be peeking into your windows!

  2. Yeah, that’s what a few of my friends said. If he starts that shit, I will definitely have to put my foot down and contact the police.

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