Posted by: Angie | February 25, 2009

40 days of changed spending habits

Instead of giving up chocolate, sweets, or Facebook during this year’s lent, I am going to change my spending habits.  (I guess you could say that I’m giving up the ability to spend money I don’t have.)

Beginning today, I will only use my credit card for things I must have:  gas, food, toiletries.  I will not buy Little A any toys (except one thing that the Easter Bunny will bring for her).  I will not go out to lunch unless I have the cash, which I usually don’t.  I will not buy candy bars, or cute things that I might use only a few times.  And the number one thing, I will not buy new

If I’m going to get myself out of this nasty debt, I must start somewhere so why not start here.  If I can make it these 40 days without spending money I don’t have, I just might get rid of this debt by mid 2010.

First thing, I will call my credit card companies today to either cancel cards or lower credit limits. 

Wish me luck!  What are you giving up for lent?



  1. I gave up candy. I eat too much of it. Have you tried tracking everything you spend money on? I carry a small notebook and track everything. At the end of the month you total it all up and realize there are even more costs you can cut.

  2. Great decision!

    I’m with the above commenter. I took it one step further: I tracked daily for three months and plugged it all into Excel. Now I have three spreadsheets running: a weekly and two monthlies.

    Oh my, I just read this and realized I’m a total geek 🙂

    I haven’t given up anything for Lent. I have given up so much already this past year, and I’ll give up more if I have to, to get out of debt 🙂

    Good luck!

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