Posted by: Angie | March 9, 2009

Why me? Sometimes, I just have to ask

This arthritis sometimes just takes over my life.  It’s not that I’m in any pain today.  I actually feel really good as far as my joints go.  Instead today, I am battling my iron deficiency as a result of my medication that is now Enbrel.  I have so little color in my face.  I am exhausted beyond belief even though I went to bed around 10:30 and up around 5:30 which is about hour more than usual.  I can’t concentrate on anything.  I am so irritable too.  I know I yelled at Little A yesterday for the littlest of things.

I feel like such a horrible mother when I get like this.   It usually takes me a week or so to figure out what is wrong with me because the symptoms of being tired usually come first, then the irritability, then lack of focus.


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