Posted by: Angie | February 4, 2010

Gave up “The Dew”

Yep that’s right, I gave up my precious Mountain Dew and pop (a.k.a. soda).  On January 1st, I had three 2 Liter bottles of Diet Pepsi left from my Christmas get togethers.  So instead of dumping them down the drain, I decided to allowed myself to drink them every weekend in order to cut down on caffeine withdrawal since I don’t drink coffee, having my last one on my birthday as a gift to myself.

A little background, I have been an avid pop drinker for almost 20 years.  Drinking as many as six (or more) cans a day, that is all I would really drink.  I would go days without more than sip of water.  It is a complete wonder to me that I haven’t had kidney problems.  Giving up pop was like quitting smoking, something I knew I had to do, but not ready to do.  I finally kicked the smoking habit after buying my house which was caked in smoke from the previous owners.  Wiping the cabinets over 30 times in 3 years, still hasn’t gotten it all out.  YUK!

Back to the topic at hand, I knew I had to quit drinking the pop because I was adding countless calories that I didn’t need.  Yeah, I could have switched to Diet AGAIN, but let’s face, I always found myself going back to the regular.  And once, I really started drinking it, I would start eating a ton of junk food (chips, cookies, popcorn, you get the idea). 

So how do I feel a month (or so) after dropping pop out of my life, I feel really good all things considered.  I have dropped about 5 pounds, but I still need to drop more.  I don’t eat as much junk as I used to.  In fact, in March, I’m dropping the junk food and I’m giving up chocolate for lent.

I know I have to do this to loose weight in order to ease the pain in my joints.  I can’t change the fact that I have this disease, but I can change the way I take care of myself.  If I want to live a long life, I need to change.



  1. I know how hard it is to stop something you have leaned on for such a long time. I gave up pop in January, and I have fallen off my proverbial wagon three times. I still haven’t given up smoking yet and and I wish I could. But I have given up so many things I love that I will go kicking and screaming with this. I no longer eat meat or dairy, I do not eat eggs or processed sugar, so I am spread pretty thin at the moment.
    I would never go back to eating those things, but I miss hamburgers and blue cheese…..Since I went back vegan I have lost 15 lbs. since December 28. My body cannot process animal protein, so it was easy for me to go vegan. I support you in your choice to give up pop! I switched to tea’s. Try Jasmine tea, it is amazing!!!
    I also drink a ton of water. If you are use to drinking a glass of pop in the morning, I recommend drinking a large glass of Simply Orange, High pulp orange juice. It cleanses you and also is full of folic acid, so it will give you alot of energy. There you go, a ton of info, you probably did not want to know…LOL Good luck

  2. Sorry I was logged into my other e-mail, this is voracious vegan……

  3. I’ll have to try Jasmine Tea. I don’t mind all hte info actually. Thanks. I’m always looking for advice. If there is one thing I’ve learned in life so far, that no one person has all the answers. So I listen to the advice of a lot of people and then decide which one will work best for me.

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