Posted by: Angie | February 8, 2010

Another reason to stay away from pop

Another reason to stay away from the pop….It can lead to pancreatic cancer.  Sadly, I know someone who is battling this cancer as we speak.



  1. Oh Honey, I am so sorry that someone you know has cancer. My grandmother battled almost her entire life and it is so sad! It is soooo good that you gave up pop! I am proud of you, it is the little things that matter in this life that make a difference. But, don’t beat yourself up if you fall off and drink a soda. There are alot of really good natural sodas out there now, and if you really want to be crazy like me, you can make one from scratch using soda water and fresh lemon and limes with some organic cane sugar!!!! It isn’t bad for you and it is all natural!!! Just some suggestions! I am so glad we blog together!!!

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